Sunday, March 3, 2019

Staying the course

Road work being done on 84 kilometers of mountainous terrain is back in business after being stalled due to the political unrest Haiti has seen in the past weeks. The current work is being done right here in the Many Hands for Haiti area. This is the mountain passage used to get from MH campus to Pignon each day.  Go! Go! Go! Rainy season is approaching!

Spiritual care is going strong. MH recently hired two part time Chaplains who will be working under the direction of MH Chaplains Pastor Jean Ronel and Pastor Lumanes shown above. This particular morning, they are ministering to Maintil in Tinot, a neighboring community. Maintil lives with a grandson in a broken down house with very few personal possessions. (see below) Maintil desires to be baptized. Pastor Lumanes is talking with the pastor of a church in Tinot to be sure this church family is aware of Maintil's situation.

Meet Elirose. She is part of the development programs happening in Sylvain through MH effort.

Elirose shared a story this week of how she has seen God at work in her life through MH. She started as she shared her recent struggles and then went on to express her gratitude for the impact MH has had on her life. Elirose sited July of 2015 as a beginning.  She was attending a type of young adult event at a church in Pignon with a Pastor Mane.  Each young adult in attendance was asked to write the challenges they face on a piece of paper. On the paper Elirose had in her hand, she wrote about the challenge of providing for her young son. She went on, "The very next day, MH came to my house to tell about a program for moms with young children that they would be starting in our community."  Elirose carried on our conversation with such confidence, courage, and a tone of true gratitude.

At this time, the child she wrote about on her paper is in MH School of Light which includes our Power to the Parents initiative. She has a child in MH First Thousand Days program, and was recently counseled and married on MH Campus on December 29th, 2018 with the help of MH chaplains. She, herself, has been carrying these wood posts that are in place as the first step toward their new house on the land that she and her husband have purchased.

Now, being married, she has opportunity to serve in church. With a beautiful voice and a heart for worshiping God, Elirose was the song leader at our church two weeks ago.

MH Safe Homes ministry is as active as ever. A MH home build house was painted, an estimate for repair on the house (Left) is in the works. MH is completed a small repair on another house this past week.

God has called a family to take in and care for Bolivar, a mentally and physically challenged young man that recieved a Mobility cart through MH in February 2018. The house where he is living needs to be more handicap accessible for Bolivar to safely come and go from his new room.  MH Safe Homes coordinator Jean Rene is getting an estimate on a better path through the yard and a safety railing for the steps.

MH continues to identify potential Mobility cart recipients. This little grandma shared the story of her younger years as a hard worker. However, several years ago she was left without the use of her legs. Below, Ewand, a Mobility cart repair technician for MH, shows a demonstration video on a MH I-phone of a Mobility cart in use to see if she thinks she has the capability of powering a cart. Still with a spunky personality and a smile with a can do attitude, she will have the opportunity to try. What a joy it was to be part of this day.

Meet Jean Philipp (Pictured above) and Alex.

Jean Philipp lives in Hinche, about one hour South of MH Campus. Alex lives in Maissade, about one hour Southwest of MH campus. They are the new  Mobility Cart Community Coordinators for MH in their respective communities. They will coordinate the repair schedule for the Mobility Cart owners in these areas. With so many carts in use, Jean Philipp and Alex will be able to help MH repair technicians, Ewand and Erilner, have efficient use of their cart repair time.

Both of these young men are Mobility cart owners themselves and have a heart for serving their peers.

Speaking of STAYING THE COURSE... These two young men, on their own effort had organized a Mobility cart course race.  They had the second annual Hinche race on December 3, 2018. Maissade held their first annual race in July 2018.  We didn't even know!! Maybe next years races should add color like a color blast run.

The right leg of a Mobility cart owner was amputated in January 2019. This woman has diabetes and the open sores she battles just never heal resulting in the amputation. She battles a sore on her left foot. Yesterday she said she has peace that GOD will not allow the need for her left leg to be amputated. Staying the course.

Fre Arnold, Brother Arnold, a Christian with as deep of a foundation as you will find, is test driving a new prototype of a Mobility cart provided by MH partner Mobility Worldwide. The body of the cart is molded plastic versus wood. The organization is hoping to design a cart that stands up to the rugged life such as is found in the county of Haiti. So far, the prototype is getting good reviews.

This is Fre Arnold's "abitasyon", the place where he gardens and spends time with God.  Here MH Agronomist, Claudin, is paying a visit to see what type of gardening technics he is using. Claudin is impressed with his willing attitude, hard work, and success. Maybe Fre Arnold could be a mentor for some young people

                                                   A locally made "awozwa", watering can.

Garden land is being prepared by MH Power to the Parents Alpha gardening group. After their success last year, these ladies are ready for their second year of gardening.

Jean Ribert pictured far left is giving these four budding musicians PIANO LESSONS!  MH is providing the needed electricity AND....a peanut butter sandwich, juice, and a sucker!!

Mme Manix, Master Laundress LOVES her work!
                                           A WORKING lunch at the local restaurant.

STAY THE COURSE and CELEBRATE with MH how God provides even in times of uncertainty.  Pray for signs of SHALOM in the CHAOS.  Chaos as translated into Creole means DEZOD, "out of control"  SHALOM...a state of being where everything is as GOD intends it to be.  Bring Shalom to Chaos wherever you are today, tomorrow and into the future. We can't know what tomorrow holds. This afternoon we will be visiting a neighbor who is dying of cancer. We will sing and read scripture. Shalom.

Jesus LOVES YOU this I know!..... stay the course