Wednesday, March 25, 2015

God goes ahead of the needs

God often goes ahead of the needs.  Sometimes God answers prayer even before his faithful people are finished praying. God knows. Today we have seen 2 such occasions related to the 'unimaginable' situations we shared just a couple days ago.

There is another organization that has been working in this nearby area for many years.  They have a weekly clinic for undernourished or malnourished moms and babies to come for food, clothing, formula, diapers, blankets, basic medical provisions.  This morning we stopped in to share some diapers from MH4H's Sewing Hope program.  Part of the program involves students sewing diaper pieces that have been cut from t-shirts by people in the US and are sent here to be completed.  While at the 'mom/baby' clinic we received word that the twin babies were coming to the clinic.

Nai Love and My Love arrived.  They weigh 4 and 5 pounds.  We heard their story.... the deceased mother's sister, who has been married for a number of years but has no children, is ready to take them in. The provisions offered from the 'mom/baby' clinic will be a tremendous help to their new family.

We can continue to pray for each one involved to accept the circumstances... for the big brother of the infant twins who is without his mother, for the father of the children, for the aunt who overnight became the mother of these babies.

After the blog post showing the desperate need of the little girl with the eye problem, there have been helpful comments from medical professionals about what could be done.  As we needed some more information we contacted our friend Jean Ronel to ask if we could meet with the family.  He in turn contacted the girls father and learned that they are in Cap Haitien today, waiting for surgery to be done tomorrow!  The father said he does not know how he will pay for the medical care.  Another continued prayer need.

Yesterday and today presented housing needs.  This house in located in Savan Pignon which is a bit west of the main part of the city.  (Savan loosely means suburb)  We were introduced to the man who lives in this 2 room house with 6 children by our friend Pastor Clebert Jean. The entire structure leans as if it might collapse.  It is easy to see where rain water drainage is eroding ground right under the house.

We also met Kolbert who is living with relatives in the countryside because his house in Pignon is not suitably enclosed to live in.  He came from his garden to meet with us with a machete and leather sheath slung over his shoulder.  He has worked to get his house to this point but it seems there is no possibility for him to be able to purchase needed building materials. There is potential for his small 2 room house (below) to have a cement floor, tin roof and Krepi (Cement) covering the stick walls.

                                                                Boys from the neighborhood

Psalm 139:4-6  Even before a word is on my tongue, O Lord, you know it completely.  You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me.  Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is so high that I cannot attain it.

How good to know that God goes ahead of our needs.  You may find yourself in the middle of some unimaginable challenges.  Bring it to the feet of Jesus.  Ask God to work in your life.  God knows!

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Unimaginable

The unimaginable…

Each day in all parts of the world, unimaginable situations arise.  Just in the past few days an unimaginable number of these unimaginable situations have happened in our small part of the world in the Haitian communities between Acassia, Lacoste, Maliarette,and Pignon. 

This is Winley Presume, a 16 month old little boy who lives in a small stick and mud hut in Acassia.  Winley is part of the Many Hands for Haiti Thrive for 5 program.  We have known him since our arrival here June 2014.  Many Hands has given Winley the opportunity to receive much needed health care at the local hospital in Pignon.  Recently a doctor here referred Winley to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist in Port au Prince.  A generous Iowa family provided the necessary funds for Madame Presume to take her son for the appointment.  Being from the countryside of Acassia, Port au Prince would swallow this timid mother and son alive so a friend of ours who knows the city well made the offer to be their escort.

The first trip to Port lasted 8 days.  A follow up visit a couple weeks later was a 5 day stay.  Even with the gift of being able to see the specialist here is Winley now. 

He again has been to the local hospital for some tests and received some medication.  We are praying today for healing, hoping to avoid yet another trip to Port au Prince for further treatment. 

This mother came to the dorm where we live in Lacoste with a plea for help for her 3 year old daughter. 
A simple assessment was that the little girl was starving to death.  A group that had come in February had brought some cans of baby formula so we knew THIS was why!  But no bottle was to be found.  A team that had been here earlier in March had planned to do a water treatment seminar and would utilize a quantity of small plastic bottles that would dispense the water treatment solution by the drop.  

         A quick snip and the small bottle was perfect for getting some nourishment into the lifeless body.
     Later that day and the next 2 days, visits were made to the baby’s home.  She is thriving a little better.

Our friend, Jean Ronel, introduced us to this little girl one evening in Pignon.  We don’t have much for details other than 3 months ago her right eye was normal.  

We currently don’t have anything in place to be able to offer assistance.  We continue to pray for God to provide a way for her to receive the help she needs.

Early one morning we heard music coming from an area just down the road from us.  We learned that it was music before a funeral that would take place later in the morning.  The night before, a mother had died after giving birth to twins.  The babies were alive in the local hospital.  We also heard that the father was looking for someone to give the babies to as he felt he could not care for them without their mother.  And right now, our prayers are all we can give.

 Many Hands for Haiti staff in Haiti.  Pictured L-R...Christi, Appolon, Claudin, Ebens, Burns, Craig, Woody
                (Also pictured far right, Lucia VanMaanen, team leader for many groups coming to Haiti)

This morning we met for devotions with the Many Hands staff and talked about how Jesus can be a bridge.  He is available to everyone, the strong and the weak.  Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.”  One of the staff members commented how amazing it is that we can have a direct connection to Jesus.  He said, “Just close your eyes and talk to him.”

So...just close your eyes and talk with Jesus.  He can care for each of the unimaginable situations in your life too.

Try to imagine being an elderly woman and not having a mattress to sleep on. This was the unimaginable case discovered last week while visiting some families in the small neighboring community of Maliarette. 

        The team overwhelmingly agreed that they would like to bless this cute little old lady with a mattress.                             As we left we said, "Bon nwit" and "Domi Bien".  Good night and sleep well.

Another unimaginable circumstance....An elderly couple raising a 6 year old grandson.  On a visit, this team discovered the family was attempting to cook what little food they had by burning some dried cactus because they had no charcoal.  

BUT...We know God is unimaginably GOOD and is present here..
.                                                                                Bondye Bon, toutan.    God is Good, all the time
            All of these school children became part of a skit portraying the unimaginable Bible story of 
     Baby Moses as he was placed in a basket by his mother so he would escape being killed by the king.

Many Hands for Haiti will soon be serving God in the community of Slivain, just a bit south of Pignon.  The man on the left was invited to attend a Leadership Conference that a visiting team hosted.  He has shown leadership qualities that will be a tremendous benefit to the community.

                  Ebens and Craig enjoying a cold drink while waiting for a team to arrive in Cap Haitian.  

         Our son, Michael, came as part of that team during his college spring break!!!  Unimaginable JOY!!

                          Some mother-son time. Just finished an early morning climb up Mt Pignon.  
                                                         Made it to the top to see the sunrise

     Beautiful smiles from Jean Rene and his family.  Jean Rene lives nearby, is a driver for our teams and                   watches out for us in so many ways.  We are unimaginably blessed to have him as a friend.

                                                       And finally....Simply unimaginable beauty